Openoffice Problem

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Openoffice Problem

Postby Guest » 2006-05-28 10:27


I'm using Debian sarge 3.1. The day before yesterday, I aptitude upgrade openoffice to version which is listed in backports. Before upgrading, I was able to open the openoffice by input "openoffice" in my konsole. But now after inputing openoffice in konsole, I got the following log:
bash: openoffice: command not found
[2] 5256
[2] Exit 127 openoffice

Postby bluesdog » 2006-05-28 16:13

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To start with openoffice writer, try
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ooffice -writer
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Postby rockymaxsource » 2006-05-30 03:12

Hey Bluesdog,

Thank you very much for your reply! At lease it opens the openoffice applycation now . Yet, I got the follwoing waring from the konsole
javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment!

I tried to go tools->options->openoffice->java to add it yet I do not know what to add, Can any one tell me where should I go please?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Postby wiktorw » 2006-06-06 11:25

You can install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or even Java Development Kit/Software Development Kit (JDK/SDK) manually, starting with information provided on the Sun Microsystems Inc. web page:

Installation is rather straightforward: log into the root's account, put the downloaded file of your choice in /opt, make it executable (use chmod, or alternative) and run it. After accepting the license this self-extracting archive will create a full Java instalation in a subdirectory under the /opt dir. Then you'd just need to point OpenOffice to such a dir and it will be happy.

Additionally, recent changes in Java licensing for Linux allows distribution maintainers to repackage Java and to provide their own, native packages for the distribution. So a simple "apt-get install sun-java5-jre" should work. I'm just not sure if such a package is already created for Sarge.
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