Configuring Samba

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Configuring Samba

Postby Frank Brown » 2006-06-04 16:45

I need to reconfigure Samba after initial installation. An error is created when the following command is run:

# dpkg -reconfigure -plow samba samba-common
( also used --reconfigure)

I can edit smb.conf with nano. Does an edit do the same thing as running reconfigure? Am I missing a package that prevents me from using the command above? Should I purge Samba, Samba-common and re - install?

thanks in advance
Frank Brown
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Postby pigah » 2006-06-05 12:11

there is no space between "dpkg" and "-reconfigure". it should be dpkg-reconfigure.

and yes, you can just edit smb.conf using nano
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