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.deb file

Postby twiggymoo » 2006-06-08 12:28


I have been trying to compile/configure manually a 2.6.x Kernel that I downloaded. The process never really completed.

I was looking at the files in my / directory and found this:


Can this be the result of all the trial and error of the compilations?
I also have several boot options for different kernels to select when booting up. How can I clean those out?


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Postby Kaitlyn » 2006-06-08 16:11

See viewtopic.php?t=4468 for help on compiling a kernel.

Do kernels you no longer want appear? If so, you can use Synaptic to remove the kernels, and their menu appearance will be automatically taken care of too. But wait until your new kernel has been tested so you'll know you can still boot even if you made a mistake with your new kernel.
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