Debian package search [SOLVED]

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Debian package search [SOLVED]

Postby dusthaze » 2006-06-09 13:26

I assume this is its official site?:

Well, it has not been working for days. It has been giving me the

Debian Search disabled

The Debian search engine has been disabled for now. We're working on it.


Where else can I use a search engine to look up the aviable packages (with details) available for Debian?
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Re: Debian package search

Postby jobezone » 2006-06-09 14:47 is the one I use to search packages in different debian "branches" than the one I have installed.
To search for packages in testing, I use aptitude search <package>.
The Debian Documentation website contains the FAQ, Installation Manual and the Release Notes for Etch. They're helpful if you want to learn more about debian!
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Postby Lou » 2006-06-09 18:00

If you know the name of the package:

$ apt-cache show <package name> if you don't:

$ apt-cache search <category>


$ apt-cache search editor

Once you know the name of the package:

$ apt-cache show joe

the way jobezone does it is the best way, choose your version and look at the list of that particular category you're insterested. > Debian Packages > View packages list > choose distribution > choose category.

By distribution they mean sarge (stable), etch (testing), or sid (unstable).
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