Unable to get IP in DEBIAN

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Unable to get IP in DEBIAN

Postby Arshadm » 2006-06-12 15:32

Hello everybody,

I have configured WLAN card on my HP(ze2000) laptop with Ndiswrapper accompanied with winXP drivers.I have installed Kwifimanager,i can detect my wireless network but unable to get IP to connect to it.I have dhclient installed but i am unable to get IP from my D-link wireless router.
If anybody knows,please reply...

Take care
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Postby jschind » 2006-06-12 15:49

1) Do you have an encryption key set on your router?

2) When you type dhclient, does it show wlan0 (or whatever your wireless device is)?

3) When you type iwconfig, does the essid on your wlan match your home network?

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>iwconfig wlan0 essid='Your-essid' key='Your-key'
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Postby Arshadm » 2006-06-12 18:57


Yes,it shows the eth1 whenever i run dhclient.

I tried with iwconfig command for setting ESSID and key but still unable.But something strange that i see is that whenever i try to enable my eth1 interface graphcally from control panel,it does not work.But when i try to enable eth1 interface from console it works and my WLAN card lights blink stating that it is ready but in control panel remians forever disabled.

yes,i am using encryption WEP with TKIP but i also have tried with open network but still does not work.

Thanks in advance for your reply
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