Is alive?

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Is alive?

Postby redchair » 2006-06-12 20:46

Is a live site (as of 2006-June-12)? I have been trying to contact their site for at least a week, with nothing coming up through the domain name or the IP. See ... for the IP.
Netcraft last saw it on June 10 ..., and google's cache has a version from June 7.

For those who do not know, this site is supposed to be the independent source for debian testing (etch) security updates. I realize that this is all for free, I'll be patient and wait for the debian site to update itself about the status of this page. I was just a little worried that my inability to see the site was a misconfiguration on my part. Can anybody else connect to this site?
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Postby ajdlinux » 2006-06-12 20:57

The address has changed:

Debian Testing Security Team May 12th, 2006

Testing security archive move

The Debian testing security team is pleased to announce the integration of
the secure testing archive to

We invite Debian users who are currently running testing, or who would like
to switch to testing, to subscribe to the secure-testing-announce mailing
list, which will be used to announce security updates.

We also invite you to add the following lines to your apt sources.list file,
and run "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" to make the security updates

deb etch/updates main contrib non-free
deb-src etch/updates main contrib non-free

This replaces the previous lines which should
no longer be used. There will be a transition period where packages are
uploaded to both, but you should now use the lines.

Note that while all of Debian's architectures are supported, we may release
an advisory before fixed packages have built for all supported
architectures. If so, the missing builds will become available as they

Debian developers who would like to upload fixes for security holes in
testing to the repository can do so, following the instructions on our web

Finally, we are still in the process of working out how best to serve users
of testing and keep your systems secure, and we welcome comments and
feedback about ways to do better. You can reach the testing security team

For more information about the testing security team, see our web site.
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