Using a partition

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Using a partition

Postby dawg3tt » 2004-03-02 07:01

I am currently running WinXP and i have two hard disks: one is partitioned in half - the first half has my XP and critical system folders, the second half empty. my second disk is strictly media. is there a way to put debian on the second partition of my first disk?
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Postby mark » 2004-03-02 18:15

Put in your debian CD and start the installation. when you have to partition a harddisk select the on you want to install debian on.

When cfdisk is started you will see the partion containing the window$ XP installation and free space.
Select free space and create a swap partion and a root partition.

When your installation is almost finished you're asked to make a boot disk, make this.
You now can boot Debian from the boot disk and boot window$ XP from the HD.

This is the way i did it in the past (I don't have window$ installed anymore, yeahh :lol: )

If you want to Debian from the HD to I think you find loads of info on google when you search on lilo documentation.
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