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Unable To Log On

Postby Edmal » 2006-06-14 18:59

Hi Guys.
Just bought my first Linux User mag with Debian DVD to give it a try on a laptop- hopefully to get to know enough about Linux in order to change over from Windows.
The setup went ok (I think) until I got to the "Welcome" box (desktop manager) and found that my choosen "Username\Password" aint regognized. Im up the creek now without a paddle as all I have is the DVD with no way I know getting past the "Welcome" dialogue box.

Anyone who can help will be my new best friend and take top spot on my Xmas card list.

Cheers (and tears).

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Postby Grifter » 2006-06-14 20:44

run the installer program again, but you don't need to answer anything, hit alt-f2 and you'll get to a console, (with a very basic shell mind you), mkdir hd (to make the dir hd), mount your harddrive, which i assume is hda1 here, change according to your system specs, mount /dev/hda1 /hd, there now it's mounted, cd in to hd, cd in to etc, open the file shadow with the editor that comes with it (i don't know which one it is, i guess nano maybe, look in /bin to see what you have available), in the shadow file you'll see your luser entry looks something like this


change the line to look like this


(see all I did was remove the string with seemingly random characters)

Then save the file, cd /, umount /hd, reboot, remove the boot disk, enter your lusername when you're up and running and you'll be logged in automagically, type passwd to enter a new password
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Postby ajdlinux » 2006-06-14 21:05

OK, rewritten:

* boot the installer
* At the first selection screen press Alt+F2 to get to a console
* mkdir hd
* mount -t auto /dev/hda1 /hd (substitute hda1 for what it actually is)
* cd /hd
* nano etc/shadow
* Find the line that looks like username:$1$LHEpfKnP$ode20hIvAL4TPjwTzlIxy.:13142:0:99999:7:::
* Change it to username::13142:0:99999:7:::
* This will reset the password
* Exit
* cd /
* umount hd
* reboot

HTH, andrew
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Postby Lavene » 2006-06-15 04:31

If his root password works he can boot into single user (recovery mode) and just make a new user:
Code: Select all
adduser username

(substitute 'username' for the new user of course)

Maybe easier for an absolute beginner..? Just a thought.

Tina :)

PS: Grifter/ ajdlinux; How about making the above method into a howto?
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