exchange files between debian and XP

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exchange files between debian and XP

Postby hwang » 2006-07-19 20:44


i have two os in my machine, one is debian and one is windows XP. I also need to exchange files between them. that is a hard problem. who can tell me a method to solve it? i prefer to use an USB external hard drive as a storage on which all files needed to exchange are. but i don't realy know how to do it. because i am an beginner of debian. i don't know more about debian. please give me an practical method for me! thanks!
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Postby Daylung » 2006-07-19 21:32

well, debian can read windows partitions that are formated with ntfs, and can read and write to a fat32 partition. Windows can read (but not write) the common linux file systems like ext2/3 and reiserfs with and
(there are probably others as well)

If you like to keep files on an external hard drive, you could format it with fat32 and then both windows and linux can read and write to it.
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Postby ajdlinux » 2006-07-19 22:23

Linux-ntfs has just released nfts-3g, so NTFS writing support is now available if you want it.
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Postby hwang » 2006-07-20 05:15

I format an usb external hard drive as fat32, then insert it to usb port. I mount it by command: mount -t vfat /dev/sdb /mnt/test. but command mount doesn't work. can you tell me more details? thanks,
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