Msstcorefonts config fails horribly

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Msstcorefonts config fails horribly

Postby CplusGod » 2006-07-24 13:20

Hello. I am somewhat new to Debian/Etch (but not Linux itself) and I was trying to install wine using the Ubuntu Dapper repository. Everything went fine, until msstcorefonts was being configured. It tries to download the font files from "" but on each one, it seems to download, but what it really downloads is obviously not a font file at all. Look here:

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07:12:11 (68.05 KB/s) - `./andale32.exe?download&' saved [12091]

Is the Belnet server down? If so, is there another server that apt can get the fonts from?

Before anybody even thinks of saying that Debian is not Ubuntu Dapper, I know, and I don't care. I've done this before, and it has worked.
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Postby DeanLinkous » 2006-07-24 14:48

Well debian isnt ubuntu :) Installing stuff from dapper repo is IMO a scary situation. Have you tried using the debian msttcorefonts package?
Or how about this...
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Postby ajdlinux » 2006-07-24 21:15

BTW to use msttcorefonts in Debian you need to enable contrib.
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