Login Issues (Can't enter password)

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Login Issues (Can't enter password)

Postby Kiyoshi » 2006-07-25 06:59

Hihi. So, I managed to get Debian installed successfully... finally, but I can't seem to login. At debian login: I put in my account name (Monkey) just fine, I hit enter and when password: pops up, my keyboard freezes up. The only thing that actually has any input is enter, and then I get a nice 'Login Incorrect' message.

Anyone know why I'm unable to type my password?
Also, I setup my root account and my normal account under the same name and password. This is just a personal computer and I don't have to fear anyone messing with it, so naturally I just put in the same thing. Should I setup a normal account under a different name? (I am an absolute unix newb, so it would probably be better if I weren't in root all the time, ey?)

Thanks a bunch,
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Re: Login Issues (Can't enter password)

Postby Lavene » 2006-07-25 07:24

Kiyoshi wrote:Anyone know why I'm unable to type my password?


The password is not echoed to the screen. Just enter it correctly and hit enter and you should be logged in...

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