Firefox and KDE Desktop

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Firefox and KDE Desktop

Postby BoxTown » 2006-07-25 17:02

I recently downloaded the latest version of Firefox ( and I also use a slide show of images as my KDE desktop background. Now whenever the background changes Firefox reloads the page that I'm currently viewing and as this can be rather annoying I'm wondering if anyone knows how to remedy this?

Although technically the page doesn't reload it freezes up for a few seconds then starts over from the top of the page in case it was scrolled down when the freeze occured.

I use Sarge and the latest KDE version it offers.
Although if I run the version of Firefox that Sarge offers (1.0.4, I belive) it all works also if I run as root everything works fine, but not if I run as a user, from my home directory I might add.
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