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how to block

Postby duwin@mis » 2006-07-25 23:11

i need to block yahoo messenger in our system. But the problem is i usually only block the yahoo website, and yahoo mail. What are the things that was wrong in my blocking yahoo messenger.I am using a debian as my firewall in our sytem. Thank you for your help
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Postby lacek » 2006-07-26 09:31

I don't know much about yahoo messenger's protocol, but if you want to filter it, you have to filter the ports it uses to communicate. If it uses a standard port, like 80, you have to install a transparent proxy, which can understand yahoo's protocol. Zorp is one such proxy, however, you have to program its filter in python.
And note that if you want to filter out nothing but yahoo messenger, your efforts are futile. If there is just one way out of the proxy, you can use that way to forward practically anything.
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