Lost root password

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Lost root password

Postby denise » 2004-04-02 10:00

I didn't need my root password for a long time now.
But now I need it again but I forgot it.
Can somebody help me please?
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Postby lacek » 2004-04-02 12:38

This is how to do it:

Boot from the Debian CD, and after the install starts, press ALT+F2 (to switch to that console), and press enter. You'll get a shell.
Mount your root partition to /mnt.
Edit /mnt/etc/shadow. The first line looks like this:
Remove all the characters between the first and the second colon. You have to end up with this line:

If you're done, unmount the root partition from the /mnt directory, and reboot your computer. The root will have no password.
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