ia32-libs unable to install

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Re: ia32-libs unable to install

Postby g1annos » 2012-12-06 16:16

Hm, alright. So you are running multiarch. Alright, now that is explained. But unfortunately skype need some dozens of extra i386 packages in order to work! Anyway, there is no hope for native Skype 64bit installation until next release eh? And maye not even then.

In debian wiki page reffering to Skype it says
Skype also offers a amd64 package. However, this package depends on amd64 packages of i386 libraries (lib32*, ia32*) which will (hopefully) go away sooner or later.
Cool, but, why hopefully if that fact, means that there is no Skype 64bit support any more??? :shock:

I mean, I haven't yet understand what is the future of ....us, the 64x debian users and skype! Are we doomed to run multiarch systems -with all the undesirable issues it carries with it- in order to have Skype or GoogleEarth for example?
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Re: ia32-libs unable to install

Postby lee a » 2013-06-24 20:58

A variant on Phil's solution solved the problem for me in installing ia32-libs-i386 and ia32-libs-gtk-i386 in Wheezy:

- install ia32-libs-i386:i386
- rename /etc/vga folder
- get-apt -f install
- install ia32-libs-gtk-i386

lee a
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Re: ia32-libs unable to install

Postby pierre.desproges » 2017-05-18 20:32

to get read of the ia32 libs issue

>dpkg --purge ia32-libs
>dpkg --purge ia32-libs-i386
>dpkg --configure -a

Then cleanup your install
>apt-get -f install
>apt-get autoremove
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Re: ia32-libs unable to install

Postby stevepusser » 2017-05-18 21:32

The MX Linux repositories: Backports galore! If we don't have something, just ask and we'll try--we like challenges. New packages: GIMP 2.10.2, Pale Moon 27.9.3, wine-staging 3.10, QuiteRSS 0.18.11, Linux kernel 4.17, Krita 4.0.4
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