I think abrotman should be removed as moderator in IRC

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I think abrotman should be removed as moderator in IRC

Postby oatmeal » 2013-10-29 03:31

abrotman is abusive, very harassing, autobans people without semblance of reason
abuse of power/authority is a major injustice
injustice is a major issue that causes the lives of everyone around to be worse and should be taken seriously

he also lies and is untruthful and bans people to silence them from the truth about himself (in the ops channel where such discussion is appropriate) even when they are polite and respectful to him (what more can you ask of someone?). you can look at the irc logs to see the truth, and if you confront him you'll be able to see how much he lies and scapegoats others in a majorly unjust way

i am looking for a distro to install for the long term, and am seriously considering debian (i've tried it before), and i want information about the distribution and have questions. i understand that there are "bad seeds" in every human collective, but hopefully people understand the inherent value of ethics.

rules should apply to everyone in fairness -- moderators should not be tolerated who insult, harass, and use blatant angry profanity against others without semblance of reasonable cause... as he has done... i ignored him and stayed polite and respectful but was banned because i was asking about debian-related questions (?).

i think people should take injustices more seriously... it happens too often... and life is worse for everyone because of it. abuse of positions of power / authority is one of the worse injustices possible, in many people's view.

he accused me of making off-topic statements. he had two examples, and the truth is i mentioned the kali distro one time (not more than 1 time did i mention it) and wasn't asking any questions about it, just mentioned it briefly, and his other example was when i asked the question, what are the differences between debian and crunchbang?...

i'm sick of my time being disrespected. i need to find an os to install on my computer and want to obtain the information i need to make an informed and good decision quickly. people who don't respect others should not be in the position of moderators...
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Re: I think abrotman should be removed as moderator in IRC

Postby Birdy » 2013-10-29 04:45

Go whining somewhere else.

That was the friendly version. The other version contains the word faq and the word off.
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Re: I think abrotman should be removed as moderator in IRC

Postby saulgoode » 2013-10-29 05:34

This forum (forums.debian.net) is not affiliated with the #debian channel and has no influence over its administration.
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