Is the Offtopic subforum where offtopic threads get locked?

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Re: Is the Offtopic subforum where offtopic threads get lock

Postby GarryRicketson » 2015-08-22 15:06

by thanatos_incarnate » And I don't think moderating will help unless people moderate themselves. Maybe a pop up once a month would help to remind us of forum rules.

Really, if everybody did that, it would be really nice,but reality is there always will be a occasional "abuser",..
and also, any user/member can make a comment, and perhaps "point" the offensive person too : Forum guidelines. Please read before first post! or the one specific to the "off topic",
What's on topic in Offtopic?
As well as "moderating" our selves, often a report or a PM, to a moderator, or admin,is helpful too, and avoids, "feeding the troll", which is what happens when a post/reply is made, saying , (for example): "You are a idiot troll , go some where else",..well, that is going to get some kind of "smart alec" response, either from the "troll" or one of it's friends,.. ...any way, enough on this, I think we all should just "carry"
on, as normal, the thread/topic that got closed, well , it did not get removed, ..if and when there are new announcements, or updates, about Devaun, or what ever I do not think that would be a problem, we all know there are still at least a couple of "off topics" where systemd is being "argued", I hope common sense would tell a user , weather or not starting a new topic, is warranted,..if , especially "new members" really are not sure, the best thing, I think is ask, If there all ready is a existing topic, they can be pointed to it, if not, then a new one, would be appropriate. I guess that is all I have to say, on this. Take care, every body. and thanks, for the "opinions", ..
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