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Postby GarryRicketson » 2016-04-30 22:29

by mardybear »
Would be nice to have a forum where people can express opinions.

If you want a forum for discussing "opinions", and we all know what those are like, everyone has one, but Why don't you do that, start a forum, for expressing "opinions" ?
and you could just let it run wild, since you do not want moderation or administration.
by arochester »What do you think Moderators are here for? Should we all just pack up and go away and let you get on with it?

And this response:
by mardybear » Well that's how it used to be, guess it's now a 'moderated forum'. Please then go ahead and moderate.

It has been moderated for a long time, now, if not all ways, from what I can see
moderation started in 2006-02-06 at 10:50
See this:
I think your thinking of that other forum, I forget the name of it, but I do remember browsing it, and it was not moderated, and it was so full of mixed up junk, about other OS's, and endless arguements, I could not find anything related to the problem with Debian I was having, I still did join, and asked my question, but shortly after I found this one, found a solution to my problem, and got some real use full explanations that helped fill in some details I had not found in my searches.
The other forum was such a mess , I never did go back to it, except once , when this one was temporarily down , in hopes that there might be something about that and there was, but still it was so full of arguing and other discussions not at all related to what I am interested in, which is Debian, any way, to bad I can not remember the name of that other forum, if I could I would suggest "hanging out" there, is not moderated, and you can argue, and post rants on "free speech" to your hearts content.


by mardybear »Welcome to the future where free speech will be lost and heaven forbid anybody express an actual opinion.

Give me a break, the old "free speech" is being threatened argument just does not cut it. You are free to start any kind of forum or website you want, and say what you want on it. Like wise other forums and websites have every right to decide what is permitted and what isn't.
Another reason that argument is worthless, as I mentioned earlier, if it was a matter of not allowing people to express opinions or share about other OS's, and "free speech"
The topic/thread would have been deleted, and it wasn't, everything in it is still viewable and can be read by the public, nobodies right to "free speech" has been violated. The topic was locked, so no more things can be added, but nothing was removed. In fact even in the topic, it was mentioned how there were so many listed in to many replies, and they should/could all be put into one post. Some one could do that, and have the list on a website, and have a link to it in their signature. Your "free speech" argument does not stand up.
by mardybear »Administrator's on this forum are so involved, they'll probably hop right to it and address any concerns. Odd that this almost no moderation forum suddenly gets 'moderated'.

Have you ever actually tried to contact one, in the correct manner ?
Details here:
HOWTO contact forum moderators/admins
I see at least 1 admin check in daily, and often there is many reports to be reviewed, and acted on, also there are posts topics that get locked, or even completely removed (deleted) and other things that get done by the administrators, 2 are the most active, and they do check in daily, their presence and what they do is not noticed by most members/users, but the point is, they are involved.

Please close all threads started by uninformed or lazy newcomers once they've been informed to read the manual. For consistency, also close all other 'off-topic' threads. Current threads this might include:

I do agree, there perhaps should be a major "house cleaning", and a stricter approach taken , but are you sure you would really want to see all of the "off-topic" threads closed ? I don't think most members would want that, including me.
Funny how first you say this should be a "free speech" opinion forum, then you turn around and say all of these other topics/threads should be closed ???
Your rant is just to argue, nothing more.
There is no point in trying to reason with trolls, they all ways come up with a new argument, it is pointless. They are not capable if grasping "reason" and enjoy arguing.
I don't see any reason for this topic to continue, but that is up to the admins and moderators, and I don't have to follow it any more.
I am sorry to see you are so unhappy with the forum, perhaps you should look for a different one that you can enjoy more.
Or start your own, Are you capable of that ? I have my doubts.
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Re: closed thread

Postby MALsPa » 2016-04-30 22:53

I don't have anything against systemd, and I'm not looking for an operating system that doesn't have systemd, so the thread wasn't all that interesting to me. Still, I don't think the thread should have been closed. That's just my humble opinion, but I've been around here for a long time now. Seen quite a few mods come and go. Seems to me that lukas has a legitimate gripe. Not that anyone cares what I think. Is this thread gonna get locked, too?
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Re: closed thread

Postby No_windows » 2016-04-30 22:58

GarryRicketson wrote: Funny how first you say this should be a "free speech" opinion forum, then you turn around and say all of these other topics/threads should be closed ???

I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm, Garry.

For the record, I don't think that thread should have been closed. I found it to be an informative and civil thread. This thread is much more full of stupid with it's greatly exaggerated scenarios expressing one view or the other.
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Re: closed thread

Postby GarryRicketson » 2016-04-30 23:32

Is this thread gonna get locked, too?

I don't really know on that, I imagine it will continue for a while, and either
when things settle down, people will lose interest,

Not that anyone cares what I think.

Well actually they do, or we do, and that is part of the reason there is a "board" for discussing forum issues.
Seems to me that lukas has a legitimate gripe.

Well , lukas did ask a legit question, and arrochester gave a good explanation as to why , and overall I think arrochester does a very good job as a moderator, but after all said and done, the administrators have the final say. From what I have seen, and experienced here is they are all very reasonable.
If the administrators feel like a moderator is wrong, they would / could unlock the thread. But I doubt that will happen, generally the admins will back up the decisions of that the mods make, as a "spam hunter", I know they also will tell me when I am wrong, and question me about why I moved some post/topic to the spam bin, If my reasons were either a genuine mistake, or I do not have a good reason, the topic/post gets moved back to it's place. But I suppose that is another topic.

I don't like it when a small group starts "bullying" the moderator, the moderators job is not a easy task, and I do not like to see a small group start trying to make the mod look like a bad person, just because they enjoy arguments, and want to use this forum to post "free speech" rants on who knows what topics, promote and discuss other OS's, and also "bash" the Stable and future releases of Debian with systemd, there were a lot of posts in that thread that could be considered insulting to those that do choose to use the systemd versions of Debian.
So any way, that about sums it up, if members do not like the way the admins and moderators run the forum, they can make suggestions here, but after all said and done,
if they do not like the decisions, they really should look into taking the time to learn how to set up their own website and forums, where they can do what ever they want.
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Re: closed thread

Postby oswaldkelso » 2016-05-01 16:20

I stand by my first post. The tread should be unlocked. arochester needs to man up and admit it was locked because of his personal prejudice and not forum rules.

Re: DEVUAN is alive! Hurrah!

Unread postby arochester » 2015-08-19 08:43
Yeah, yeah we get the message. Devuan is alive. Hurrah???

Thread locked.

Thousands of people who are using systemd now and have no gripes about it, and thousands of developers who support it are all wrong and anti-democratic. Duh!

1. One who fears technology (or new technology, as they seem pleased with how things currently are...why can't everything just be the same?)


The tread should be unlocked. This is Debian forums not Ubuntu if you want to behave like Ubuntu moderators please step down and go there.

If you want to quote my sig. Please do so in full because I have a G5 Powerpc running Debian on my desk. Whilst there you will see I have been here since 2005. I know what is expected of moderators and this is not it.

I make no bones about my dislike of the systemd mono-culture. I think it's horrid with many flaws. But while Debian still supports other inits. sysvinit, runit and openrc are all currently available, and if building Dragora 3 for powerpc is beyond my skills I shall be using Debian for a few years yet.

Please unlock the thread and lets move on.
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Re: closed thread

Postby spacex » 2016-05-10 11:53

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:
GarryRicketson wrote: It had reached a point where they were just "re-listing" the same ones that had all ready been mentioned earlier when the topic got started.

^ This.

Although I do think that closing the thread rather than just letting it die quietly in the corner is somewhat contrary to the spirit of these boards but then again I am a relative newcomer.

Agree with you. Better to let it die in silence. The point is that if the thread was left to die, you wouldn't have got this new thread as a result. Everytime you lock anything systemd-related, it will trigger the creation of a new thread. Because the non-systemd people are obsessed by it. It's better to try and contain them in one thread, than having them creating new threads all the time. Some times common sense is more constructive than sticking to strict moderation and principles/policies.
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