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"Request for Assistance" form template

PostPosted: 2016-09-26 02:05
by GarryRicketson
I noticed this in another topic, as a comment.

by stevepusser ยป 2016-09-25 13:35 >>
I wonder if there could be a sticky with a "Request for Assistance" form template that would prompt for answers about hardware and exactly what they tried to do to solve the problem on their own, which failed. Maybe also a "lsb -a" section to weed out the Kali and Ubuntu users, if they ask about something that's specific to their distro.

It is a interesting idea, and I think it might be use full to many
users/members, especially new comers, it also would save the members
that help from having to constantly ask the same questions about the system,
I think it is a great idea, Do we have any "volunteers", that would be willing
to take the time to make the template ? I might try, but really am not
very good at this sort of thing, anyone else ?
I can not speak for the administration, but do think it is a good
idea, it would be nice to know before taking the time to make a
template, if they would consider it, and if so, then anyone one
that has some ideas on the structure ( I guess, not sure of the best word)
but any way, if the administration is agreeable, any ideas or samples
of the template could be posted here,..the best one could then be placed
as a "sticky", in the various forums.
I do realize there probably still will be a lot of ones that do not browse the
forum first, and just post, but we can easily just "point" them to the form,
and say "Please fill this out first" ,...
Any way , guess that is about from me, I like the idea, thank you "stevepusser "
for suggesting it.

Re: "Request for Assistance" form template

PostPosted: 2016-09-26 19:50
by stevepusser
I'm thinking about trying it on the MX forums first. MX has inxi installed by default, which makes getting system information rather simple, plus we don't have to deal with all the firmware issues that crop up here. But the template could certainly be modified for any Debian-based distro.

Re: "Request for Assistance" form template

PostPosted: 2016-09-26 20:44
by NFT5
A little feedback, based on my experience with another (unrelated) forum.

We wanted members to use a specific format in a particular section of the forum. phpBB includes the ability to set a template for new threads so that part wasn't too difficult. What was, and remains, difficult is getting the members to actually use it, despite big, flashing red warnings. Now all posts in that section of the forum need to be Moderator approved which puts a bit more workload on the Mods (3 mouse clicks, which isn't too onerous). Still, I probably only approve maybe 60% since the rest either can't or won't follow the instructions.

Doing it as a sticky will be a waste of time.

Frankly, I think that a standardised format is a good idea and even if only 2 in 3 use it, it will help to get the information necessary to answer a question and encourage people asking the questions to actually do some research first, particularly if links to places already tried are asked for.

Re: "Request for Assistance" form template

PostPosted: 2017-02-11 10:45
by kedaha
I think it's a very good idea. & if such a template's ignored, then they could be referred to it by someone in answer to their post.
It might also help to avoid irrelevant terminal output which is not even posted in code blocks.