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Title limit too shrot? I even can't add an "Answered" word

PostPosted: 2017-05-19 09:26
by lbuiyzxl
Title limit too shrot? I even can't add an "Answered" word
For example:
[Answered] Why isn't lxterminal installed when installing lxde-core?

Re: Title limit too shrot? I even can't add a "Answered" w

PostPosted: 2017-05-19 09:33
by GarryRicketson
Shorten it up a little, make it shorter.
You can use this as a example :
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(solved)lxterminal installed when installing lxde-core

Just copy / paste it in.
The word solved is more appropriate and a little shorter.

Re: Title limit too shrot? I even can't add a "Answered" w

PostPosted: 2017-05-19 09:56
by lbuiyzxl
Thank you.
However,maybe I'm stupid,but I think your example seem express a opposite mean ?(I want to express "lxterminal is not installed" ,not opposite)
Also I think better word is the "Answered" because that problem only to be "known why" not "eliminated",though the word "Solved" is shorter.

[Answered] lxterminal not installed when installing lxde-cor

PostPosted: 2017-05-19 11:23
by GarryRicketson
Your welcome,

It does not matter much, the point is, to make it fit you have to remove some
of the words.
Another way some people use is like this:
[Answered] Why isn't lxterminal installed when installing lxde-core?

Change too:
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 [Answered] Why isn't lxterminal installed ?

The subject line should be short, it does not need to be long and should not be a long statement.
The main point in this subject was
"Why isn't lxterminal installed ? "
The rest can be explained in the post, along with all the details.
Try to keep statements simple and short.
Try to Keep it simple.
Keep it simple.
thank you
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Postby lbuiyzxl ยป 2017-05-19 03:56
Thank you.
However,maybe I'm stupid

No, you are not stupid, and also not being good with a new language
is not stupid.
I have the same problem, with keeping words simple.
Some times I try to explain something, and try to help, but I am prone to getting
very long, and then that makes it harder for others to understand and then they get
mad, and say I am stupid, they even tell me I should not post anything.
I speak and write 2 languages. Unless you count CW as another then it is 3
I can send and copy CW faster then typing words, I understand it like a language,
at about 30 word per minute. A stupid person can not do that, they can not
learn new language.
You will learn and get better with your english, and also with the Linux and computer.
It takes some time.
The people that like to criticize, and say we are stupid, they are to "perfect".
Sometimes I wish I could be perfect like them, but the reality is , I am not, and probably
never will be.
But any way, it is not stupid to ask questions, if we do not ask the question we do not
learn anything.
People that can and do learn other languages, are considerably smarter then those
that can not or refuse to learn any thing new.
See what I mean, now I went and wrote to much, so probably they will tell me not to post
any more,... I am sorry I am not perfect like they are.

Re: Title limit too short? I even can't add a "Answered" w

PostPosted: 2017-05-20 01:15
by NFT5
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(SOLVED) lxterminal not installed with lxde-core