how about a quick search form ?

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how about a quick search form ?

Postby GrimbleGrumble » 2004-09-15 15:04

First of all, thanks for these forums, that was really something missing in the debian world.
Now something that could turn this great forums into super great forums (ie like gentoo's forums) is a quick search field stuck somewhere on the top of the page. I don't have a clue about how difficult it is to add such a thing but that would, in my opinion, turn this forums into something really helpfull and accessible, even for lazy people.
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Postby mzilikazi » 2004-09-16 02:59

You mean something other than the 'Search' at the top of the page? :o
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Postby GrimbleGrumble » 2004-09-16 08:31

i mean a text field that would allow simple query from every pages in only one step.
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Postby Jeroen » 2004-09-16 08:42

That'd be possible, we'll consider it.
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