Please ban the spammer posting links to

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Please ban the spammer posting links to

Postby anon » 2005-12-03 19:17

And remove his postings he's just trying to get a higher pagerank. His site doesn't contain anything useful and is probably just a copy/paste job from various other sites considering where he was banned for just that (he uses the email adress and generaly signs up using gg234 as username, do a google he's a real busy bee). A whois gives what appears to be a real name. (Don't confuse this site with the real which is a long standing debian forum).

Postby Jeroen » 2005-12-05 20:29

User banned and spam removed -- for reason of spamming -- at first glance though, the site seemed useful. I cannot judge on whether or not stuff was a copy&paste job, and anyway, as the content is not hosted on this site, this is up to the copyright holders to do something against.
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