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Newsfeed with newest topics wanted

PostPosted: 2004-09-21 07:58
by RHase
Hello *,

it would be nice, if you offers a newsfeed (RSS/XML) with the newest topics.

xanx + good luck

PostPosted: 2004-09-22 19:42
by zynix

PostPosted: 2004-09-22 23:54
by RHase
Hi zynix,

xanx, but that isn't want I want.

I'm looking 4 something like the german Debian forum:
With this remote syndication, I need only one look in KNews or in my homepage, and I'm up2date.

xanx 4 your answer,

PostPosted: 2004-09-23 00:47
by Jeroen
Yup, RSS would be nice indeed