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Postby Harold » 2006-01-01 00:52

I suggest that we create a forum specifically for polls. There are a variety of poll questions that would be of value to forum members, such as:
- My favorite window manager /desktop environment is...
- My favorite e-mail client is...
- My favorite file manager is...
- The best printers are hp / canon / epson / Something else...
- The best video cards are nVidia / ATI / Matrox / Something else...
- The best networking boxes are Linksys / Dlink / Netgear / Something else...
- I use Stable / Testing / Sid / Pinning...
- Anonymous posting should / should not be permitted.
- The Debian-based distro I use is...
- The Debian-based distro I recommend to newbies is...
- Perl / Python / Ruby / C / C++ rulze!!!
- So on, so forth, you get the idea.

By putting the polls in their own forum, they will be "readily" visible to visitors and new forum members instead of getting buried in other forums as they are now. (We have not yet stickyfied a single poll.) By keeping the polls visible, we increase the likelihood of new members viewing them *and* casting votes. (Anonymous polling would have to be disabled to prevent people from voting multiple times.) The more votes cast, the more accurate the polls. Since the idea is to keep every poll a "live" poll, it would not be a bad idea to periodically cull comments and/or refine available choices, although I'm not sure if it is possible to refine choices after a poll has begun.

If anyone has specific poll questions that he/she has always wanted to ask, this thread would be a good place to suggest them. (Do we have any "shes" around here?)
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Postby raju.mailinglists » 2006-01-01 06:51

Hi Harold,

If you are interested in polls such as above, check out

They already have done a lot of polls like this and you can ask steve (the moderator) to have your own poll posted.

Hope that helps
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Postby Scotti » 2006-01-01 18:13

That's strange. I had the same idea about doing a favorite WM poll. All the others would be cool too.
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