You really need to add a Networking Forum

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You really need to add a Networking Forum

Postby waTR-wating for email » 2005-02-02 00:00

I really love the organization of the Gentoo forums and have been using them to get answors to Debian questions. Now I have a new home. I host the #1 Battlefield2 news site http://www.totalbf2.comand am very happy to finally have a home where I can ask debian users debian questions.

I would like to suggest that you create all the same forums that the gentoo forums have except for debian...It's a tried tested and true system.

News & Announcements
Frequently Asked Questions
Installing Gentoo
Desktop Environments
Networking & Security
Kernel & Hardware
Portage & Programming
Gamers & Players
Other Things Debian

Discussion & Documentation
Documentation, Tips & Tricks
Debian Chat
Gentoo Forums Feedback
Off the Wall
Duplicate Threads

Just FYI...

P.S. If you guys need cheap hosting check out They have 400gigs/month fo bandwidth for $9/month. NOTE: We have had non-stop problems with downtime with them so unless you need 400gigs/month and have no other choice there you go. They are also very slow.
waTR-wating for email

Postby waTR » 2005-02-02 01:15

By the way. I found you guys through Google search: Debian Forums. You are at the top of the list on the first page of results.
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