Wandering into the land of Kafka

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Wandering into the land of Kafka

Postby demosthenese » 2011-02-04 13:55

I've been issued with a warning. Now I have no problem with this; the mods do a good job largely thanklessly. However, the link to the post with the offending comment results in a 'You do not have permission...' screen. So I'm warned to not do something again, but not able to see what that something was.

Would it be possible to either a) make the link still viewable to the post originator, or b) direct quote the offending comment in the warning message.

This is not a complaint about the moderation itself, merely a suggestion to improve the communication regarding moderation.
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Re: Wandering into the land of Kafka

Postby Mez » 2011-02-04 14:03

That's because the post was moved to our spam bin.

I've just sent you a PM with the post as quoted.

I'd assumed that the email with the warning actually quoted the post, so I'll keep this in mind in future!

As this issue has been addressed, closing this topic.
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