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Postby Sephiroth » 2011-03-01 14:30

I don't know about this whole situation personally. I've been hanging around the Debian user forums since around 2001 (I had to reregister in 2007, something about the forums and hostname, I don't remember) and until the last two or three years I never saw much trouble beyond the occasional spam-bot. Now we have a new group of moderators and new members seem to be raising heck about how things work. Since when was it proper to join an existing club or forum or other group and then complain about how it's run? I'm not attacking the posters in this thread, but a majority of the users I see posting to this thread are newer users with low post-counts. From 2001 to around 2008 or 2009 I think things went along just fine.

With that said, I have also had issues with one of the new moderators myself. Most of you know that I speak my mind and stand my ground. People don't like that because I'm not a dumb sheep that goes along with the crowd. I have had a post edited where I was joking with another user for fear that a new user would believe whatever it was I was talking about. There have been several other instances where a mod has come across as threatening since then and I don't take kindly to it. That's one reason that I've slowed down on posting, regardless of whether or not I can help another user.

I too, miss Rickh, Lavene, and the others from times past. We may not always agree on things, but they know their stuff and I learned from them.
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