Suggestion for forum names

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Suggestion for forum names

Postby OhSqueezy » 2011-02-15 14:04

After reading the topic about the new forums (viewtopic.php?t=60387), I had an idea, and I think it makes more sense to post it in a new topic.

I have a suggestion regarding the names of the forums: name these the Debian Discussion Forums and the others the Debian User Forums.

There are two problems with calling these the user forums:

  • Non-users may ask questions here
  • Topics here are strictly moderated, though the name User Forums implies this is a place for Debian users to gather and speak freely.
The name Debian Discussion Forums, on the other hand, implies that Debian will be discussed here and anybody can talk about it. Agree, disagree?
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Re: Suggestion for forum names

Postby AMLJ » 2011-02-15 14:59

I don't think you got the point in making the new forum...

Please check it out a bit more, and you'll get why we're there.... :)
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