Do moderators and webmasters get spam?

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Do moderators and webmasters get spam?

Postby Anteaus » 2011-03-02 10:17

Just a quick question as a matter of interest: How much spam do the forum moderators, and the maintainers get?

Do they find it necessary to use aggressive spamfiltering on accounts, or not?

Reason I ask is that I run an email security-awareness site, and one issue we're looking-at is the harvesting of 'mailto' hyperlinks from webpages and its relation to spam volumes.

Just to clarify I'm referring to email spam here, not robotic forum posts.
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Re: Do moderators and webmasters get spam?

Postby Mez » 2011-03-21 20:54

We don't actually get that much spam on the forums email addresses... but we do get a fair bit to - luckily, we have the nice DSA team to train spamfilters correctly, setup greylisting, etc.
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