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observations of forum posts

Postby Randicus » 2011-05-14 00:29

I recently switched to Debian from Ubuntu and would like to note my observations of the content of these fora.
After making the switch, the first thing I did was look through every forum, looking at titles of posts and skimming through the discussions and comments. From those observations and from the feedback I have received to my queries, I have noticed a big difference between Debian and Ubuntu fora.
In two days I participated in these fora more than I did in three years with Ubuntu! I hope I do not give people swelled heads, but overall, the people who participate in forum discussions here make intelligent or reasonably intelligent comments. I tried to initiate intelligent conversations twice in the Ubuntu fora. Both times fools responded with rants and raves not related to what was posted. If one glances through their post titles, one will see a plethora of silly conversations, such as, "What is the proper way to give my old mouse a funeral."
Coming to Debian, I feel that I have joined a community of intelligent users who can be light-hearted, without being being silly. It is a refreshing change.
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Re: observations of forum posts

Postby secipolla » 2011-05-14 00:59

This, I think, is related to Debian's very nature of being a group accomplishment. For instance, we have here the honor of having sensible and discrete moderators ruling this forum.
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Re: observations of forum posts

Postby vbrummond » 2011-05-14 01:17

I have posted in both for a bit and I have to say I really do not care either way. I have had pointless arguments and haters on both. I just move on and try to always make positive discussion.

As for the OS itself. I think Debian is superior in my humble opinion, so I am happy to help users with it.
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