would it kill ya?

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Re: would it kill ya?

Postby nadir » 2012-08-01 19:38

craigevil wrote:Simple if it is not directly Debian related but still Tech related it belongs in Offtopic. If it is political or religious it doesn't belong on the forums at all.

Discussions in "Off topic" should still be in the spirit of this board, that is related to Linux/ Computers/ Software

If you feel like your post/ thread has been locked, edited or even removed in error please contact the moderator team via e-mail at team@forums.debian.net

The other option would be that the masters of the fuzzy buttons would think _before_ they move threads. I know, i know, the buttons are shiny and its a lot of fun to hit them now and then ...
I for one would hire a bot who moves them around on a regular basis, say every half an hour. _That_ would be fun.

Ah, no. No emails from me. A) I am not your babysitter and B) no one takes me serious anyway and C) Kein Bock.
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Re: would it kill ya?

Postby Soapm » 2012-08-02 03:30

craigevil wrote: If it is political or religious it doesn't belong on the forums at all.

WHAT??? :o :o :o

So I can't come to the Linux forum to discuss why Jesus was a Federalist? Or that Father of our nation GW didn't religiously use Linux??? No, NO, I'm serious, he and Lincoln often used a window for their speeches.

What kind of dive you running here when a man can't discuss Buddha's run for the oval office??? You almost had the secret to his shapeless figure but now I won't tell you... :wink:
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Re: would it kill ya?

Postby traveler » 2012-08-02 03:34

I get the reasoning for the move, The topic was technical in nature and, at least for me, had something to do with Debian. YMMV.
Still, most forums that move or remove topics post an explanation for the moderator's action. Thanks for taking the time to do that after-the-fact.
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