Encrypted LVM install on Debian wheezy

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Encrypted LVM install on Debian wheezy

Postby antonk20117 » 2013-04-30 11:54

I have written a short howto describing how to install Debian Wheezy with LVM encryption.

The guide can be found on (dropbox, link to pdf https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40638984/how_to_lvm_debian_wheezy.pdf , filename="how_to_lvm_debian_wheezy.pdf", ).
Version 1: md5sum df6bbe425f22fa6b6b71935d0439dd1a Release 30 Apr 2013
Version 2: c4049dfe0257786f544f7466796fe0a5 how_to_lvm_debian_wheezy.pdf (Changed links to point to correct images)

The md5sum is there so that you know that the file you downloaded is correct.

Any comments or suggestions welcome.

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Re: Encrypted LVM install on Debian wheezy

Postby jixbo » 2014-02-18 19:43

Thank you! Was very useful for me :D
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Re: Encrypted LVM install on Debian wheezy

Postby dotlj » 2014-02-20 02:12

Thanks for the guide, it is good.

A couple of suggestions, /boot partition, 100MB is big enough for two kernel. If anyone wants three or more, they would need to increase that (very minor).

Figure 20. Turn erase data to off. Maybe a note about how long it takes to securely erase a new one TB disk? Some people will set up over an existing system and may want to wipe it.
Writing random data disguises how much data is written on the disk. For a faster setup, change to off.

I like your comment about individual choice of other partitions, nice.

I also choose Advanced and Expert Install as it gives more options, but that's a personal preference.
Many thanks.
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