Setting up animated wallpapers in Gnome / Cinnamon

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Setting up animated wallpapers in Gnome / Cinnamon

Postby mikey » 2014-01-26 16:03


I'm trying out Wheezy as a potential option for a more stable work experience. So one thing I felt I was missing was animated Wallpapers. There was a bit of difficulty in making these files work and also appear in the list of Backgrounds that I thought I would share here.

I find having a wallpaper that changes throughout the day can help give me a better sense of the progression of time throughout the day. The Default Wallpaper in Gnome Shell is an example of this, but it's not one that I think is particularly pleasing to look at.

I've been running Fedora and discovered a nice animated wallpaper is one that harks back all the way to Fedora 8.


I decided to try and make this wallpaper work together with a collection of others that I found on ... ent=115006 ... tent=93329

Image Image

There's also one for Fedora 19 that I'm not so keen on. Also it's not got an XML included so I think you would need to find it in the Fedora repos or create a new one.


So getting these to work.

For each you need to find (or make) a series of image files, a XML file and - the bit I couldn't find in any of the instructions - create a second XML document that tells Gnome Shell or Cinnamon where to find the background.

The first step is to save the images somewhere - I saved mine in a folder in /usr/share/backgrounds/ for example /usr/share/backgrounds/DebianDay/.

Then save the XML document that describes how the image transitions work - I just saved mine to the same folder as the images /usr/share/backgrounds/DebianDay in the last example.

I then checked the image paths in that XML document - each source I found seemed to assume a different install path and none used relative paths which is what would seem to make sense to me. So in my previous example I had to change it to something like this for each of the many file references.

Code: Select all

Lastly I couldn't seem to just put the XML file in a folder checked by Gnome or Cinnamon, or browse for it and add it that way. I found I had to make a second XML file which I found worked in the /usr/share/gnome-background-properties folder. This file describes the previous XML file.

It looks like:

Code: Select all
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE wallpapers SYSTEM "gnome-wp-list.dtd">
  <wallpaper deleted="false">

I just copied this from the Default Desktop called Adwaita.xml and I'm not sure what many of the options are, but it seems to work. I've only tweaked <filename> and <name>. I saved mine as /usr/share/gnome-background-properties/DebianDay.xml

(edit) There was one extra step I missed if you happen to be using cinnamon (I'm not sure if this is even a good idea on Wheezy but like I said I'm using this install to spec these things out). Anyway the step is to link the Cinnamon background properties to the same folder as the Gnome one:
Code: Select all
sudo ln -s /usr/share/gnome-background-properties/ /usr/share/cinnamon-background-properties
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Re: Setting up animated wallpapers in Gnome / Cinnamon

Postby thanatos_incarnate » 2016-01-08 07:07

For the sake of other people's bandwidth, use small thumbnails or plain links to the images,
don't display entire wallpapers here!
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Re: Setting up animated wallpapers in Gnome / Cinnamon

Postby dasein » 2016-01-08 22:16

^^ +1!!

Those bandwidth-guzzling full-screen monstrosities are totally unnecessary.
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