Windows 7 + Debian Jessie on UEFI+GPT on x79-deluxe

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Windows 7 + Debian Jessie on UEFI+GPT on x79-deluxe

Postby exubuntuguy » 2014-01-29 06:19

This is a quick guide on installing Windows 7 and Debian Jessie using the Net CD Debian on a Asus X79-Deluxe motherboard, this is not the older P9x79 deluxe motherboard. This install takes full advantage of UEFI and GPT formatted hard drives.

Download and burn Debian Jessie NetCD.
Go into the UEFI and under the boot menu go and select CSM and ensure it is an auto and not disabled. If it is enabled it will install using MBR which is not as good. Selecting disabled seems to crash Windows 7.

In the UEFI go into the boot menu and select secure boot and change it to other OS.

In the advanced menu under fast boot make sure it is enabled but under SATA section make sure to select all or hard drives vs. not all devices. Do not select boot hard drive only if the Windows partition will be installed on another hard drive.

Inserting Windows 7 DVD and install Windows 7, there should be a 1 MB partition followed by 100 MB partition that is fat 32 and this ensures that it is installed using UEFI. I did disc manager on the left side of the drive if you select properties the drive should be showing a star next to gpt.

Then installed Debian using install option and when going through the partitioning section, select automatically partition free space so it is an opportunity to create the extra partitions for UEFI.

Debian should install everything by itself and set up GRUB2.

Go into the UEFI menu again and drag the Debian partition to be the first boot device which will boot through the Grub2.

That is it.
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