modprobe: module dm-raid45 not found in modules.dep

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modprobe: module dm-raid45 not found in modules.dep

Postby Linadian » 2014-04-19 09:34

Edit: This 'error' is reminiscent of that annoying autoexec.bat nonsense (a line in the file that points to nothing) during DOS loading before the GUI in Windows 98, I hated it back then and I still hate it, lol. :wink: :? :evil:

I run Wheezy Xfce 7.x on my Intel (ICH10R) SATA Raid 0 (fake, hardware, whatever you want to call it, it's not LVM), but was getting this error right after the grub screen:
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modprobe: module dm-raid45 not found in modules.dep

After doing some research and tweaking a few fixes I found, this worked for me (DISCLAIMER: my Raid level is 0, I'm not sure if this may effect your setup, it worked in mine):

You've probably heard/read this a thousand times but...back up your stuff first!
I use gedit because it can create backup copies (it's in gedit's settings), then rename the backup <filename>.original~ (that's a squiggly dash, not a normal dash, squiggly=backup file)

Remove (or comment out) if the line exists from /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
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As root run:
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update-initramfs -u

REMOVE (NO commenting out) this line from (be careful in this file, remove the newly created empty space, maintain the proper left-to-right spacing structure) /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/dmraid
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force_load dm-raid45

Reboot and watch a proper INIT :wink: :D

Again, this works on MY system, please do not come back to this thread to yell at me if the fix or you bork your system.

Edited for minor corrections, spelling and grammar.
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