How To Have Nice XDM Login (Updated)

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How To Have Nice XDM Login (Updated)

Postby devils_debian » 2014-05-27 09:33

Have you become disilusioned with the choices regarding login managers?
KDM and GDM3 are great if you use their full desktop environments, but other for other DEs well...
Lightdm isn't bad, but attempting radical customisation still requires some hard 'messing about'.
Slim is nice, but has authentication issues beyond logging in (i.e. thinks you're a different user if you log
out and back in again and screws Polkit authentication agent). So, now I am back to trusty old XDM, but
it's been beaten hard with the ugly stick to within an inch of its digital life!
Well not anymore. Here's a screenshot (you'll also notice the Halt and Reboot too):

Here are the modified /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup and Xresource files (note: commented out screen grab option exists in Xsetup):

EDIT Change Update: (09/11/14) Image proram 'feh' now replaced with 'qiv' . 'Xsetup' file now changed.

*** Must Have Items ***
You will need image loading program 'qiv' (for login background) and programming tool 'tcl' (for halt/reboot buttons) installed.
These are small extras. Use: apt-get install qiv tcl

*** Background Image/Location - Xfce Specific ***
You will notice that my chosen location for the background image in the Xsetup file is: /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops
This is to simplify the use of existing backgrounds, especially if retainng the same background throughout login to desktop
is desired. The background image supplied can be renamed as required and changes to the Xsetup file accordingly.

Foot Notes:
For me the only remaining downsides of XDM are no transparency of login greeter and lack of relative (to screen resolution) positioning
of the greeter. Only a real issue if a custom absolute position is used and the OS is spun to a live CD/DVD/USB and used (inevitably) on
systems with different screen resolutions. But, hey. No biggie.
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