Bluetooth failing to browse PDA / phone obexftp

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Bluetooth failing to browse PDA / phone obexftp

Postby lwarranty » 2014-06-18 03:48

Was having a devil of a time with my pda's and bluetooth, bluez, blueman, at any given time I could sometimes send files, usually browsing would fail, couldn't recieve files, a myriad of challenges. Eventually it hit me, as I changed the name of the notebook bluetooth in my bluetooth admin panel on the phone, removed it - when I re-"pair"-ed the device, the name I gave it on the pda NOT the name on the debian box came back. It hit me like a ton of bricks, I had trouble with windows also at times - I opened my systems applications on my phone and cleared the bluetooth cache and bingo, everything was happy again. I found if I got to dual booting or tyring different flavors of distros, for whatever reason, the security or login would fail. Bottom line, deleting it from the server and the phone wouldn't get me back to browsing and a "happy" bluetooth relationship - clearing the "cache" for bluetooth on the phone works like a champ since. Now in the least, I get to play captain distro more and shoot myself in the foot less...

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