howto create a multiboot/multi-ISO LiveUSB

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howto create a multiboot/multi-ISO LiveUSB

Postby TomRoche » 2015-06-24 21:51

summary: tutorial here


Once upon a time, some smart people developed a way to "live boot" Linux from LiveCDs and other optical media. This was great, except eventually one developed a pile of obsolete discs. Then some smart people developed the LiveUSB. Which was also great, except one then acquired a buncha small-capacity thumbdrives each with its own distro.

Now we have relatively abundant/cheap large-capacity USB storage. So wouldn't it be great if we could live-boot any of a number of ISOs on a single drive? Especially if one could

  1. relatively easily add/subtract ISOs as desired.
  2. boot from arbitrary hosts (as much as is feasible), rather than tailoring the LiveUSB to boot from a single/known host (as seems to be the case with, e.g., `update-grub`)

Hence the multi-ISO LiveUSB, or multiboot LiveUSB, was born. There are currently many tutorials on the web regarding how to make them: this tutorial

  1. is hosted on a public `git` repository, so it's easier to
    1. maintain/extend the information
    2. make pull requests (to help maintain/extend it)
    3. fork the repo (in case it's not maintained)
  2. strives for completeness (hopefully less handwaving than some other tutorials)
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Re: howto create a multiboot/multi-ISO LiveUSB

Postby kalle123 » 2015-06-25 06:26

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