Gnome Shell adding the Euro symbol to a US keyboard

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Gnome Shell adding the Euro symbol to a US keyboard

Postby grege » 2015-09-16 07:01

All the old methods you will find via a Google search no longer work. The Gnome devs have made it harder and harder to do this one simple thing that is absolutely necessary to many many Gnome users.

In Gnome Shell 3.16 you can fire up Gnome Tweak Tool and select "Add Currency Symbols to ...." and nothing happens. Why? Because Tweak Tool has no option for third level compose. Many of us in countries that use the Dollar symbol for our own currency still need a way of quickly inputting other currency symbols in our day to day work. For me quick input of the Euro symbol is a necessity. The solution ....

Use dconf-editor

org -> gnome -> desktop -> input sources

xkb-options change to read [‘eurosign:5’,’lv3:ralt_switch’]

Then right-alt plus 5 inputs euro sign

Adjust as necessary for your own requirements.

This will probably work until 3.18 arrives. There is now no easy way to make custom start up commands via Tweak Tool (so you can use eg setxkbmap -option lv3:ralt_switch). The only way is to manually make .desktop files in ~/.config/autostart and that is way too fiddly.

This should be easy and it always was easy until recently.

EDIT: Method still valid for 3.18
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