Howto: Truecrypt in the Cloud

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Howto: Truecrypt in the Cloud

Postby bester69 » 2016-01-04 21:54

Many times we would like to store our files in the cloud in an encrypted disc, but for doing this we should have to move huge files (encrypted image disk) everytime we modify our encrypted disk.

So to avoid this, and upload just encrypted files and not the full disc, there are knowed tools and services; among them is encfs (

EncFS provides an encrypted filesystem in user-space, and its a cool solution, but some people say its not pretty secure, and in my opinion perhaps is some difficult to use or some dangerous if you dont have enought experience with it,

so here comes HOWTO use Truecrypt disk image in the cloud:
For doing a backup in the cloud of our encrypted disk, we will use the "attic tool" and the conccept of "deduplication backups" .

1- We create our truecrypted image disk ..> in this case, a 5GB image file disk.
--> truecrypted.img (5GB size)

2- We create our "deduplicated repository chunks" for just having to upload once the whole encrypted disk (truecrpted.img) , following updates of the disk will upload just the chunks needed (a few megabytes in most occasions).:
- attic init $repositoryPATH --> this create and empty repository
- attic create $repositoryPATH::copia%Y%M%D ~/truecrypted.img --> this create the full disk repository (5GB of chunks)
id recommed to use attic with unmounted truecrypt disk just in case

3- We upload to cloud once the whole repository with the image file disk deduplicated backup.
- we just need to sync our big repository with a cloud service such as Dropbox or MEGA -- > This will upload 5GB to the cloud chunk by chunk (each chunk is just about 5 MB)

4- Now we can backup with security, our truecrypted full disk modifications without to having to upload everytime the whole disk.
- we dismount our truecrypt disk once we conclude to work with it, and we upload the updates to the cloud by updatin the attic repository:
- attic create $repositoryPATH::copia%Y%M%D ~/truecrypted.img --i> this command will update just the chunks that changed with the encrypted disk modifications --> This way allow us to syncs in the cloud just a few megabytes.

5- Restoring Backup We can restore any copy or state of the encrypted disk depending of the reteined copies configured with attics.
- If we lost our image disk, we would download the whole repository from the cloud service to restoring it in our local file system.
- Once it concluded the download of all the chunks , we'd extract the image truecrypt file disk to a selected state (date of the copy):
attic extract $repositoryPATH::copia%Y%M%d truecrypted.img
- Then we'd mount the image disk with truecrypt and we could access the encrypted files in it.
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