Howto: Start KDE with Post-Login

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Howto: Start KDE with Post-Login

Postby bester69 » 2016-07-26 16:07

KDE and xtrlock

We'll login ourselves once the system has loaded so we dont have to wait in every reboot for the system to load, as we're doing Post loging.

0- Set Autologin in KDE:
# Core config for local displays

1- Create script to lock the session,once it has loaded (Post Logging):
Settings--> AutoStart --> SctiptFile--> BeforeKdeStart-->
xtrlock &

If you want to protecet the screen form others:
The -c (for Command). To start xtrlock in screen blanking mode and set monitor backlight level to 20 after unlocking the screen, run:
xtrlock -c "xbacklight -set 20" -b
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