Howto: Mastering KDE shortcut keys

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Howto: Mastering KDE shortcut keys

Postby Hallvor » 2017-07-22 17:29

Why did I write this?
This howto is for those of you who are new KDE users, and also maybe for those long time users with bad memory. :)

Why bother with shortcut keys?
There are two reasons why you should learn these shortcuts: Shortcuts are generally faster than using the mouse, so you can work faster. The second reason is that some shortcuts can open up new and useful functionality.

Global KDE shortcuts:

Open menu: Windows key
Open run command prompt: Alt + F2
Cycle through open windows: Alt + Tab
Browse through virtual desktops: Ctrl + F1, F2, F3, F4
Open desktop cube (if enabled): Ctrl + F11
Turn off desktop effects: Alt + Shift + F12
Unresponsive window killer: Ctrl + Alt + Esc
Minimize all windows: Ctrl + F12
Show all virtual desktops: Ctrl + F8
Show system monitor: Crtl + Esc
Next keyboard layout: Ctrl + Alt + K
Lock screen: Ctrl + Alt + L

Dolphin file manager shortcut keys:

Rename file: F2
Split screen: F3
Open console: F4
Refresh: F5
Editable address: F6
List folders: F7
Make new folder: F10
Send file to wastebin: Del
Permanently delete file: Shift + Del
Show filter line: Ctrl + I
Increase size: Ctrl+
Decrease size: Ctrl-

Important: All of these (and more) are found under Systemsettings --> Shortcuts. If you would like to edit the shortcut keys, it can be done there.

Edit: Added a few images.

The desktop cube (Ctrl + F11):

Showing all virtual desktops (Ctrl + F8):

Cycling through open windows (Alt + Tab):

Using Dolphin file manager:
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