HOW TO patch Volti for Pulseaudio

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HOW TO patch Volti for Pulseaudio

Postby kereberos » 2017-09-10 19:34

I've made this patch for Volti as a workaround for a bug with the mute/unmute function. Pulseaudio (a well known shitware) mutes itself when Volti mutes ALSA and then keeps itself muted when ALSA gets unmuted.

To apply this patch save it in /tmp as volti.patch
Then execute as root:
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cd /
patch -p0 -i /tmp/volti.patch

The patch:
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+++ /usr/lib/volti/volti/
@@ -131,6 +131,9 @@
     def set_mute(self, mute=0):
         """ Set mixer mute status """
         global OLD_VOLUME, MUTED
+        import os
+        if mute == 0:
+            os.system('pactl set-sink-mute @DEFAULT_SINK@ 0')
             for mixer in self.mixerlist:

Now Volti will not only unmute ALSA but also the pulsetrashware.

Tested against Volti 0.2.3 on debian jessie, stretch and buster.
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