[HOWTO] Install Morrowind on Sid

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[HOWTO] Install Morrowind on Sid

Postby Wheelerof4te » 2018-04-21 10:23

I've seen multiple guides on how to install Morrowind and most of them are either confusing or not very straightforward. Even OpenMW's guide is not compact or understandable enough for most.
Here is a short HOWTO on how to install Morrowind using OpenMW Launcher which is available on Sid and Testing:
1. Make sure you have Morrowind GOTY disks or .iso images. Of course, the assumption is that you have legally paid for them at least once in the past.
2. Mount the .iso images.
3. Install OpenMW
Code: Select all
apt install openmw

You may need openmw-cs, so install that, too.
4. Launch the installation wizard and follow the instructions. When you reach the "insert installation media" phase, choose the mounted images as prompted. First Morrowind, then Tribunal, and lastly Bloodmoon.
5. Wizard will complete, but you are not done yet. Open the launcher and switch to "Settings" tab. Import "Morrowind.ini" file which is located in your openmw installation directory. Apply the modifications to the .ini file beforehand, if you want to. You can configure screen resolution, vsync, etc. on the "Graphics" tab.
6. Check that the order in "Data files" is correct. The correct order is: Morrowind (master), Tribunal, Bloodmoon.
7. Click "Play" and enjoy this timeless classic.

Update: OpenMW is also available as a flatpak, so it can also be setup in Debian Stable.

OpenMW project has went through the process of optimizing the game for modern era. It runs perfect on my medium Broadwell-based laptop. There may be bugs, but they are worth it for playing this masterpiece on your favorite platform without WINE :D
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