Howto: Manually pair a bluetooth device (CLI)

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Howto: Manually pair a bluetooth device (CLI)

Postby Hallvor » 2018-05-26 09:11

Why manual pairing?
Sometimes GUIs will fail. If you have trouble, this may work.

What you need
If you are trying to connect a Bluetooth loudspeaker, you must install the Bluetooth pulseaudio module

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# apt install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

Connecting to your device

Fortunately, Bluez has a nice command line client. Bluez should be installed by default. (If not, you must install it.)

Start the Bluez command line client:

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$ bluetoothctl

This should list your client and available devices.

From the command line client, type
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to just list the available Bluetooth devices.

You will now get output like this:

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Device 05:FA:A3:62:23:F1 ACTON BLUETOOTH

Copy the MAC address of the device (in my case 05:FA:A3:62:23:F1) and pair the device. (Replace 05:FA:A3:62:23:F1 with your own.)

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pair 05:FA:A3:62:23:F1

Trust the device for future connections:

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trust 05:FA:A3:62:23:F1

Almost done. Now connect to your device:

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connect 05:FA:A3:62:23:F1

Thats it. It should work now. :)
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