Auto login and startx(desktop) without a display manager.

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Re: Auto login and startx(desktop) without a display manager

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2020-02-27 19:18

Deb-fan wrote:What's described here works great, has for a very long time across more than one Debian stable release(and Mint) many different graphical interfaces.

Yes but it's not universal, the posted method won't work at all if the user has dash as their login shell (unlikely, yes, but certainly possible). My method will work in such a situation.

And what about that crap you wrote in respect of disabling the display manager? It's complete nonsense and you clearly didn't test it before posting.

Try these two commands after installing LightDM:
Code: Select all
# systemctl disable lightdm.service
# systemctl enable lightdm.service

The second command doesn't work at all and the error message explains why. Please remove that "advice", the dpkg-reconfigure command works so just leave that. Or set the default .target instead, which will work for all display managers.

Do you not think it's a bit silly to post a guide which you don't understand?

And just for the record, this isn't a "fued", I'm trying to help you.

@oswaldkelso: please open a new thread for your problem, it sounds interesting and I'd like to dig into it.
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Re: Auto login and startx(desktop) without a display manager

Postby Deb-fan » 2020-02-28 01:41

Yeah may as well clip that, not that serious and the fix(dpkg) is right there anyway. Bashisms, brace expansion in this context doesn't matter, as bash is default user shell in a gazillion distro's out-of-box. Somebody using something else is going to be aware of such diffs. Universal ... don't care as for Debian, deb-based works fine. Side-by-side with what you snagged from wherever, no discernable differences. No boot delay, additional processes/overhead, works just fine and has for quite a long time. Though actually glad for your posts here as it's cool for what you'd posted and this nonsense to be linked. Just for people's convenience.

Some useful, random stuff included. Surely perhaps a nugget someone will find useful or interesting, shrugs. Bunch of ways to do this kind of thing as with pretty much everything gnu/nix. No worries Hoas, it's not that serious. The fate of humanity doesn't hang in the balance. If a nixer pushes a button and gets an error msg, the world doesn't cease spinning and without poking around as such folks are never going to learn anything about the platform. :)
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