Some good bash and bash alias tricks.

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Re: Some good bash and bash alias tricks.

Postby Deb-fan » 2020-09-24 02:48

Okay, well of course wanted to add something, errrr actually screwing around with links2 a cli web browser and had to test out posting. Thing is actually kinda cool, well depending on if this post works.

If it does, some random stuff about those thunar aliases, use those in a keybind, rather than having it open in /home, spend much more time in a data partition and it's nice having thunar open at that location in the filesystem instead. Another quick navigation trick thunar in all its file manager awesomeness, just hit Control + L and type out where you wish to go, even helpfully will offer auto-complete to get a user there faster. Of course am sure its a common feature in tons of graphical file managers, still thunar is good stuff. :P

If this works, suggest folks give links2 a spin, its interesting, does allow mouse click too even though of course is bound to take some getting used to. Someone is fed up with the horrid bloat of modern web browsers, why not play with a cli browser ? :)

Trying out edit: Hoas will be so proud, lmao. Yep, fricken thing is cool. Tip: The pg up-down seems to really help in sorta scrolling pgs, though likely a better way too. Also hitting hte Esc key pops up a handy menu thing. Haven't dorked with this in a long time, the tiny amount of system overhead it has is wild. Okay, end test. :)
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