Remastering Debian 10 with remastersys/respin + Calamares

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Remastering Debian 10 with remastersys/respin + Calamares

Postby Len E. » 2020-11-04 04:25

(Background: In this category, I posted a topic entitled "Remastering
Debian 10 with systemback" on 2020-05-18, which described a
workable but untidy solution because of the extensive use of
Bullseye/Testing packages in the installation. The alternative solution
described herein initially appeared to be a cleaner approach, but
ended up with several untidy aspects as well).

I found that remastersys/respin will not install on Debian 10 as
it comes out-of-the box, because Debian 10 uses systemd exclusively,
rather than the hybrid sysvinit/systemd arrangement Debian 9
uses to accomodate remastersys/respin.

However, MX19 uses this hybrid arrangement, and by utilizing
selected packages, such as systemd-shim, libpam-systemd, and
libsystemd0 from MX19 installed on Debian 10, remastersys dist/
respin dist work just fine. (I've tested on both the
remastersys modules I've held over from Debian 6 days, and
the latest respin issue, respin_4.0.0-2_all.deb).

The following modules were collected in a
MX19.2sysvinit directory:


-note that in the MX19.2.sysvinit directory, 4 packages are from
the MX19 repository, with 'MX19' part of the version number.
(the systemd-shim package is from the MX19 repository also.)

The following installation sequence was used:

-from MX19.2sysvinit directory,
sudo dpkg -i libpam-systemd*.deb libsystemd0*.deb systemd_1*.deb
-with synaptic, install initscripts and its 3 dependencies, insserv,
startpar, sysv-rc, and additionally, cgmanager, dbus-x11 and bootlogd.

-from MX19.2sysvinit directory,
sudo dpkg --auto-deconfigure -i sysvinit-core*.deb systemd-shim*.deb


The following modules were collected in a Deb10remastersys directory:


On Debian 10, the remasterys-gui installation is complicated by the
fact that, unlike Debian 9, gksu is not pre-installed.

The following installation sequence was used:

-with synaptic, install libgtop2-common

-from Deb10remastersys directory,
sudo dpkg -i xresprobe*.deb libgnome*.deb libgtop*.deb

-from Deb10remastersys directory, with gdebi, install in order,
libgksu2, gksu, remastersys, remastersys-gui

(In retrospect, after working with respin, I wouldn't bother with
remastersys-gui: as with respin, invocation from /usr/bin
from the command line is simple enough:
-create remastered .iso ----> sudo remastersys dist
or sudo respin dist)
Respin is installed simply with gdebi after downloading the latest
.deb file, respin_4.0.0-2_all.deb

The live installer associated with the remastersys or respin live-dvd
would not work because it could not find the system hard disk drive.

The workaround was, prior to creating the remastersys or respin .iso,
to install the calamares and calamares-settings-debian packages
with synaptic, and then use calamares as the installer from the live-dvd.
(The buster-backports version of calamares supports some advanced
disk partitioning features such as UEFI and a 8GB GPT table; the
buster version is the simpler, pedestrian version); both worked fine).

Len E.
Len E.
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Remastering Debian 10 with remastersys/respin + Calamares

Postby Len E. » 2020-11-04 14:17

One important characterisitic of the Calamares installer is that it
requires the designation of a /home paritition in addition to the
/ (root) partition.

Len E.
Len E.
Posts: 20
Joined: 2018-02-12 18:48

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