resolving "no core pointer" after unstable upgrade

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resolving "no core pointer" after unstable upgrade

Postby Guest » 2006-04-07 01:04

well did an upgrade through testing and into unstable :)

but couldnt get x to start, read some, noticed that if i modprobe mousedev, i t could startbut not mouse... but uble to run usbview, noticed there was no usb devices listed so it wasn't a problem with xorg.conf as so many people think...

removed mod mousedev (as had put it in /etc/modules)

looked at /var/log/messages and noticed there where no usb device mentioned where there would normally be detection and mention of each device as found e.g. ms mouse, sl5500 ...

read some more...

installed hotplug and all it recommended using aptitude,


x/gdm/gnome starts up with my old desktop and im away again with full usb support :)

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