Trouble to find a brief Debian commands list

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Trouble to find a brief Debian commands list

Postby FabParma » 2006-04-24 05:13

I am beginner, and often i can't remember a command. This its terrible when happens. So I searched on Debian web site very well, but i did'nt find any handbook like i wished. I googled for long time an i found these documents. and ... cmdsel.txt

I hope that the moderetors and Debian mantainers can improve and certify these documents and make them available for all in the Debian web site. Thank You, Paolo Perri

Ps Helping people to discover the beautifull world of Debian its a mission imho. In my case i spent a bit of my time to Debian mission :wink:

Postby Christmas » 2006-05-19 01:54

This one is not brief but I found it very useful as a newbie. I'm reading it right now: Happy reading ;)
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Postby Grifter » 2006-05-19 11:50

EDIT: a more comprehensive list of commands:
ls /bin
ls /usr/bin
use the command man any program that looks interesting (:
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